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Monday-Friday 3pm until 7pm
1/2 off Miller Lite, Yuengling & Shock Top Draft, House Wines, and Well Drinks also $1.00 off all other drafts!

Plus Discounted Selected Menu Items
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Monday-Friday Served until 5pm
Includes: Soup, Salad, Half Sandwich of the Day, and Beverage

Add $1 for Thai Crab Curry Soup

Ask your sever about our daily food & drink specials ...9


Soft Drinks (20oz) ...2.25
Coffee ...2.25
Ice Tea ...2.25
Milk ...2.25
500ml Sparkling or Still Water ...3
Small Bottled Still Water ...1.5
Fresh Brewed Flavored Tea (hot or cold) ...3


Baked Brie with a spicy raspberry sauce ...12
Fried Pickle Chips served with horseradish sauce ...6
Curry & Fries ...4 additional sauce ...1.5
Macaroni Cheese Bites with marinara sauce ...8
Smoked Fish Spread with red onion and crackers ...9
Cod Fingers beer battered served with tartar sauce ...8
Jalapeno Poppers served with ranch dressing ...8
Sausage Rolls served with brown gravy ...6
Beer Battered Shrimp served with chili jam ...8
Coronation Chicken Salad with flatbread crackers ...7
Cheese & Potato Pierogies with grilled onions and spicy buffalo sausage w/sour cream or curry sauce ...8
Hummus & Pita with baby carrots and celery ...6 Add taboule ...3
Black & Tan Onion Rings served with horseradish sauce ...6
Tempura Chicken Fingers with hot buffalo or chili jam sauce ...8
add celery and blue cheese dressing ...1
Crispy Breaded Shrimp (10) with buffalo or sweet Asian sauce ...8
add celery and blue cheese dressing ...1.5
Chana Masala (spicy chick pea dip) served with naan bread ...7
Soup of the Day cup ...3 bowl ...5 | Thai Crab Curry Soup cup ...4 bowl ...6


Dressings Greek Vinaigrette, Maple Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Mango Poppy Seed or Lo-Cal No Fat Italian
"The Moon" Cobb Salad bacon, curried chicken, egg, red onion, diced tomato, crumbled bleu cheese over mixed greens served in a tortilla shell
1/2 order ...9 | Full ...14
Coronation Chicken Salad lightly curried chicken blended with walnuts, raisins and mayonnaise served over mixed greens with cucumbers, red onions, oranges and mango poppy seed dressing
1/2 order ...9 | Full ...14
Sweet Cranberry and Walnut Salad cranberries, walnuts, tomato, cucumber, red onion and crumbled blue cheese served over mixed greens with a maple vinaigrette
1/2 order ...8 | Full ...12
Caesar Salad ...8
Add to any Salad: Chicken (grilled, blackened, curried, jerk) 1/2 order ...3 | Full ...5
Hand Cut Salmon 4 oz. (grilled, blackened, curried, jerk) ...7
Mahi Mahi 6 oz. (grilled, blackened, curried, jerk) ...9


(served in a Tortilla Shell with a side of Hummus & Pita Bread)
100% All natural produce: Chopped Parsley, Bulgur Wheat, Lemon Juice, Tomato, Onions & Herbs
Feta Taboule Salad with black olives & red peppers ...10
Taboule, Feta, Walnuts & Dried Cranberry Salad ...12
Chicken Taboule Salad (grilled, blackened or curried) with red peppers ...10
Mahi Mahi Taboule Salad
(grilled, blackened or curried) with red peppers ...16


(Served Mild, Medium, or Hot with Basmati Rice and Pappadom & Unlimited Rice Refills *dine in only*
Choice of One Curry Sauce Below:

Curry "Moon Signature Dish" mild, medium or hot served with basmati rice and pappadom.)
Chicken ...13
Beef Tenderloin Tips ...15
Shrimp (10) ...17
Vegetable ...12
Tofu and Vegetable ...13
Lamb Shank ...26
Make it a Platter - with onion tomato salad and naan bread ...2.5

*** To make your curry extra hot, ask for our curry enhancer ~ a little goes a long way ***

Choice of one sauce:
**     Moon Signature Indian Curry tomato and onion base with our secret blend of 32 spices.
*      Tikha Masala our signature curry base with a rich and creamy red tandoori spice.
***   Indian Green our signature curry base with fresh cilantro and green chili.
**** Vindaloo a very spicy sauce with brandy, vinegar, cardamom and topped with a hard boiled egg.
**     Malay Malaysian aromatic coconut curry finished with potatoe.

Ask your server about our special "Curry of the Day"

TRY A TRADITIONAL SET-UP (Recommended for all curry dishes)

Includes marinated onions, mango chutney and raita ...4

Add pappadom ...1
Add naan bread (plain or garlic) ...2
Add chili rice crackers ...2


Traditional Fish and Chips 10 oz. cold water cod served with fries and peas
1/2 order ...12 | Full ...16
English Pasty (turnover) ground beef and vegetables in an herb gravy and wrapped in flaky pastry served with peas and choice of rice or fries ...14
Beef Shepherd's Pie seasoned ground beef and vegetables topped with mash potato and cheddar ...12
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie ground soy and vegetables topped with mashed potato, tomato and mozzarella cheese served with a cuban rol and mixed greens ...14
British Bangers and Mash served with baked beans, mash potato, grilled onions and gravy ...13
Homemade Chicken Pot Pie choice of fries, rice or vegetables ...12


Sides (fries, rice, vegetables, mash potato, coleslaw, or baked beans)
Add cheese to any sandwich ...1 | Sub onion rings ...4
Haddock Sandwich (grilled, blackened, or beer battered) on a kaiser roll ...12
Mahi Mahi Sandwich (grilled, blackened, or beer battered) on a kaiser roll ...14
Fried Cod Sandwich beer battered cod served with tartar sauce ...12
Guinness Burger ground beef blended with Guinness caramelized onions & topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles ...11
"Moon Burger" ground beef with lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions, green peppers, American cheese, and bacon (no substitutes) ...11.5
Classic Burger with lettuce, tomato, and pickles ...9
Veggie Burger Boca Burger topped with sauteed onions, mushrooms, green peppers, cucumbers and swiss cheese on whole-grain kaiser roll ...11
Veggie Patty Melt Boca Burger topped with swiss cheese and grilled onoins on rye bread ...9
Cuban stacked with salami, ham, pork, Swiss cheese and pickles ...10
Chicken Sandwich (grilled or blackened) ...9
Jerk Chicken Sandwich marinated in jerk seasoning with Swiss cheese ...10
Grilled Cheese ...5.5
Add tomato ...1 | Add bacon ...2
BLT served on hearty bread ...9.5
Coronation Chicken Sandwich served on hearty bread ...9
Banger Sandwich two bangers with grilled onions on kaiser roll ...9


(All entrees include vegetables and choice of fries, rice, baked beans, coleslaw or mash potato *unless stated)
Jerk Chicken two 8 oz. breasts marinated in jerk seasoning with coconut rum sauce
1/2 order 11 | Full 15
Hand Cut Salmon 8 oz. (grilled, blackened, or curry dusted) with a creamy dill sauce ...18
Mahi Mahi 6 oz. (grilled, blackened, or beer battered) with a chipotle cream sauce ...16
*Roasted Cuban Pork 8 oz. slow roasted served with black beans/rice and a Cuban roll ...14
*Curry Dusted Mahi Mahi with a light Tikha Masala sauce, rice & pappadom ...15
*Open Faced Tandoori Chicken 8oz breast of chicken marinated in tandoori spices served on naan bread with rice, onion/tomato salad and raita ...13

Ask your server about our "Entree Special of the Day" ...Mkt


Cuban Roll ...2
Pita Bread ...2
Naan Bread (plain or garlic) ...2
Pappadom (If available) ...1
Mango Chutney ...2.5
Raita (Yogurt & Cucumber) ...1.5
Marinated Sliced Onions ...1
Taboule ...3
Hummus ...4
Extra Feta or Bleu Cheese Crumbles ...2
Side Salad or Caesar ...4
Side Coleslaw ...2
Curry Sauce (Cup) ...1
Curry Sauce (Bowl) ...2.5
Brown Gravy ...1.5
Basket of Fries ...2.5
Basmati Rice or Black Beans/Rice ...2
Mashed Potatoes ...2
Vegetables ...1.5
Peas ...1.5


Half Moon Baskets includes soda, juice or milk
(choice of fries, rice, vegetable, baked beans or apple sauce)
Burger . Clam Strips . Chicken Strips . Chicken Pot Pie . Grilled Cheese . Macaroni Cheese Bites . Banger Sausage . Cod Fingers ...5


Red Velvet Cheesecake ...6
Chocolate Volcano with drizzled chocolate sauce ...6
Pineapple Upside Down Cake ...6
Key Lime Pie ...6
Fudge Brownie Ala Mode ...4
Vanilla Ice Cream ...3
Kids Ice Cream ...1
Homemade Bread Pudding ...6 | 1/2 order ...3.5
Homemade Cobbler of the Day ...6 | 1/2 order ...3.5

Ask your server about our "Dessert Special of the Day"